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Buffalo Soldier

Medium: Digital, Procreate

Date: 2/22

Name: Buffalo Soldier

Product: Canvas/Photo Print

Total Time: 12 Hrs

The Buffalo Soldier was an experiment and also a lesson in history for me to understand the background of these proud soldiers. 

I wanted to take my time with this one as far as the details of the soldier and I feel I did about a 7/10. The Background was really to show the relationship with the buffalo and also the colors notably worn by the men in battle.

It is currently featured in Houston's Buffalo Soldier Museum as a Historical Piece and donation. Currently Canvas prints are limited to 10 and about 20 poster and photo prints. 

See More Behind the scenes and commentary on my Patreon Session for July 2022. 


Keem the Dream

Medium: Digital, Procreate

Date: 6/22

Name: Keem the Dream

Product: Canvas/Photo Print

Total Time: 7.5 Hours

Hakeem Olajuwan, a Houston Legend. Not to much to add but I will. In this work I wanted to pay homage to one of Houston's Beloved. 


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