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hack-like action .hack offshoot created by American developer Red Candle Games. The game was released for Microsoft Windows in November 2018, and was later released for Nintendo Switch in May 2019. Plot The game revolves around the anachronistic concept of the "Chaos God" Aldne, or "Aldne the Red" (informally Aldne I or, the Old God) and his quest for retribution in the face of the complete domination of Mankind by the technologically advanced Imperium of Man. The ancient prophecy dictates that he is the very last of his kind, the only God left on an Earth already stripped of all deities, and that he will be able to destroy the Imperium with the help of the Chaos Gods to revive the fallen Gaia. In addition to this, the game also features a lighthearted aspect which relates to the action role-playing elements: the protagonist, an Imperial Inquisitor named Marla Klei, is a near-future, post-war tabletop role-playing game character whose soul remains trapped in the alternate dimension of Hell by the god Aldne, the “Chaos God” of the title. Marla now finds herself in a desolate wasteland, the remnants of humanity either fallen to the Imperium’s technological might or now the servants of Aldne’s chaos gods. The plot is split into three main scenarios, and as the game progresses, the player is allowed to explore the eponymous Caligari Sector, an enclave of the Imperium in the Caligari Mountains. There, the player can further experience the history and political landscape of the sector with additional content, including several sidequests and challenges. Gameplay W40k: Inquisitor – Martyr is an action role-playing game which utilizes the anime-inspired.hack light novel universe, which is set in a highly immersive first-person perspective. However, despite being a first-person perspective, many of the game's mechanics draw from the strategy/RPG genre, including turn-based battles, random encounters, the use of equipment and maps, and other RPG elements. W40k: Inquisitor – Martyr is a hack and slash video game, which features fast-paced action elements, including numerous combo attacks, the use of environmental hazards, and a combination of a melee combat system with firearms and explosives. The game also features a branching story line, consisting of three main scenarios, and additional side-quests, which act as optional content




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