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Digital Art



About the Show
June-Aug 2023

Fan Art Virtual Exhibition

This is an Exhibition to showcase the fun art of comics, pop culture and heroes and villains alike. This one features some of my favorite pieces that represent the classic episodes and comic books read and watched during my childhood and adolescent life. I will be adding new art pieces within this quarter to the show so check back in ever so often! Be on the lookout for Art History and reviews of how to learn how to draw in the comic styles. 

The Official Opening Will have a Zoom Link and walkthrough by yours truly. Feel free to visit any other day as well. Leave your email below for more details.

Watch Previous Virtual Galleries

For Members Go to the Clutch Fam Tab > Media Page to View for Free! All Non Members will have to rent the Video below to view the past Exhibition(s) per video. 

Rented Videos

Rented Videos

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