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New to drawing on your tablet or maybe a Seasoned vet looking for new accessories to add to your collection. Here are a few recommended tools you can use everyday at affordable prices.

This blog post contains affiliate links. Any sales made through such links will reward me a small commission (at no extra cost for you).



Want to have the feeling as if you were drawing on paper, this offers you a natural and real feeling with stylus writing on screen as writing on paper, quite smooth and responsive. Not only does it have paper like feeling , but it also has great glare protection to prevent light reflection and offer you great protection for your iPad screen. Be sure to select your appropriate size of course depending on your device. Click Picture for more information.



If you're like me and are prone to drop your iPad, then you will definitely need to invest in a case. Making great work just to have it lost because of damages is not a great feeling. Especially if you have kids as well who love to get a hold of your device. Cases are so common and the best case to me is the Otter Box cover to the left which offers at times even waterproof protection along with the standard fall and drop protection. I would recommend this one if you can afford it as cases by Otter box can range from $39-65 for most standard cases and even increases for higher end models. Below you will find some other links and cases that offer different variety especially with prices but please be aware you get what you pay for so even if its cheaper if the quality isn't great you are risking damaging your device.


3. Drawing Gloves

These are a great tool especially when it comes to the digital world, you can easily have to hit the undo button often due to your fingers or palms having interfered with your drawings. If you ever have done pencil drawings in charcoal or graphite , smudging your paper was common. In the digital world this glove reduces the friction between your hand and the surface glass. Made of high elastic lycra fibre, it features great air permeability and strong tensile resistance, effectively improving the work efficiency. Many of the gloves are pretty cheap and also easy to lose at times, but for a low price it can be a great commodity. Click on the picture to the left or below to purchase your own.


4. Pencil Sleeves

Good Grip can be a necessity, especially in preventing hand discomfort. Also sometimes just for the aesthetic or preventing your pen from getting damaged a sleeve can come in handy. You have many choices and for some who are newbies and want to keep the feel of an actual pencil many different companies make different brands to choose from that are pretty affordable and create that some feel. From Etsy to Amazon, the choices are endless. Pencil silicone grip design, better anti-slip effect, allows you to use Apple Pencil smoothly which is ideal for painting, sketching, and drafting.


5. Drawing Table

A drawing table is a luxury item to a degree but if you can add it your collection by all means grab you one. It can be helpful to get your artwork propped up if you don't want to stay looking down at a flat surface all day and especially if you are tired of using your arms and legs as an easel or temporary stand. Many places offer some that actually come custom fitted to iPad in particular with the charging port as well as a place for your apple pencil. This can also be a great stand for traveling if you need something to secure your pad . Click the picture to the left for this KABCON stand and browse around for others from $15 and more.

Honorable Mentions for consideration are below :

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and maybe were able to add some great products to your collection. I have many more blogs you can read for art history, artist shoutouts and recent projects coming up in my world. If you sign up as a member on my website you get 20% off select products and services.

" Do what you love or hate what you do, either way just do something!" - Clutch

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