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Artist Appreciation : Zabonado

The digital art field has so many amazing and creative artists and I would love to bring attention as often as possible to some of these individuals. Every month I will feature one new artist of whom I admire and would love for the general public to explore. If anyone sees an artist that you would like for me to feature please don't hold back in submitting someone.

This month of September I got a chance to interview Zabonado from the Philippines. This artist is truly exceptional, who has created stunning hyper realism portraits. What caught my eye was the level of details in his paintings, that clearly indicate his level of expertise and skill with painting in general. Looking at the details in the hands below you really see how the shadows in these hands aren't just applied or thrown together but blended correctly to contrast the lights and darks. The hair on the arms and definition of the fingernails are truly immaculate. The background as well shows a playful yet expressive feeling by adding shadows to the abstract pieces.

Our interview didn't go as expected as Zabonado was working inside of his tattoo parlor from the Philippines. I was able to video chat with him but due to technical difficulties, the audio wasn't captured. However I still have his answers to some of my questions but these aren't qoutations just what I can remember from what we spoke about. See below:

When did you first become interested in Procreate or how was your initial experience like?

Tattoo Artist but he has studied traditionally with charcoals paintings and sketches. He has been painting for 3 years on Procreate

Do you feel comfortable with the app now and the end result ?

Really enjoys the app and using it. The tools are very easy to use and it’s the best thing in the market.

What is your favorite painting/drawing you've done either digitally or by real paint/pencil?

The Magneto, Ian McKellen, painting was his most challenging picture to draw but he felt he accomplished a lot over all and was very proud of the results.

What advice do you have for young / new digital artists? Do they need to have studied the traditional way of art ?

He does recommend learning the foundation before actually starting with procreate. That will help learn how to use the tools better.

Any artist that influence your art ? Or that you look up to ?

Many artists that inspire him and so many great digital artists but he couldn’t think of their names.

Check out his work on Instagram and also YouTube for more content. He is an amazing artist who I can't wait to see what more is in store for him. He also provided free tips on Youtube quite often so please give a like or subscribe.

" Do what you love or hate what you do, either way just do something!" - Clutch

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