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Hello Clutch Fam!

This is the first blog of many hopefully. I originally started art when I was just a young boy about 5 actually and from then I just took off with it. Interestingly enough it was my mom who I was inspired by first because she was RAW when it came to sketching and watercolors but I saw that passion leave her as reality of life set in. In writing this blog I hope to keep the fire alive as well as inspire others as well.

I have always been the type of artist who just loves to draw what I see and what inspires me. Usually my inspiration comes from comics, movies, MUSIC, and many more. Lately though, I've been really pushing myself to get better with Procreate and the digital art world. There are so many amazing artists in this field and hopefully I will be able to interview some in my blogs. I also will give a quick shoutout and interview to other mediums as well. The purpose of this all is to show appreciation and recognize other talents. I usually get inspired by many of the individuals I come across in Social Media.

Besides Interviews occasionally I will explore a weekly themed artist from the past for my own education as well as to help others learn as well. I hope that in all of this as well I gain my own subject matter after honing more skills in Procreate and I'm able to expand and make my own impression in the art community.

Until our next blog remember these words:

"Do what you love or hate what you do either way just do something- Clutch "

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